“I am grateful we have someone with the skills of Dr. Stauber here and would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering with a myriad of symptoms that no one else can fix.


Thank you Dr. Stauber!”

Chronic Back Problems

Two years ago I heard people talking about Dr. Stauber’s unique care.  After almost 35 years of trying to repair back problems, I feel 100% better.  It’s been almost 10 months of no pain; therefore I am excited to recommend him to anyone who will listen. Helen Bouffard

Sudbury, Ontario

Neck and Back Pain and Insomnia

I had never been to anyone for my neck and back and was very wary of chiropractors and their techniques,  I didn’t want anyone cracking or popping my neck or back.  I decided I would give it a shot.  The first visit was so gentle that I didn’t think he did anything.  He definitely did something…I slept through the night for the first time in a year. Robyn Freedman

Montecito, California

Dizziness, Post Concussion
I began to see Dr. Aaron Stauber in June 2017 while suffering from the severe effects of post concussion syndrome. Within a month the dizziness had stopped. My head is literally a different shape than it was when he started. The difference in bringing my quality of life back to almost normal has been amazing. Dr. Stauber worked with me for three months to get me back to work. Part time at first and then back to full time just over 6 months later. He takes a holistic approach to a person’s health. I highly recommend him.
Mike Greenfield

Overcoming Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Migraines

Incapacitating Meniere’s Disease

Overcoming Vertigo, Headaches, Ringing in Ears

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches and More

Overcoming Severe Breathing Distress

Crippling Back Pain

Overcoming Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain

Migraines, TMJ and Back Pain

I initially came in for migraines and neck pain.  Dr. Stauber has an extremely gentle, effective technique.  When I leave his office I always feel much more space in my skull and length in my spine.  His work also last.  He has literally restructured my skull, jaw, neck and back. I have recommended several friends and colleagues to Dr. Stauber and will continue to. Meghan Havrda

Summerland, California

It is this array of professional and personal ability that sets Dr. Stauber apart, and the reason we will recommend his services to our friends, family and beyond. Brett Piggot


I heard of Dr. Stauber through a friend who had been seeing Dr. Stauber to get help with headaches.  I started thinking; hey I get a lot of headaches, so why don’t I see if he can help me?  When I first went to Dr. Stauber I was waking up with headaches just about every day, and had been having trouble with headaches for over 30 years.  I was also having a lot of tension in my back despite seeing numerous practitioners for several years.

I found the treatments to be very gentle, easy and soothing.  Dr. Stauber has an amazing way of quickly finding problem areas, and bringing balance to them.  After my first treatment, I felt a sense of well-being, and more “space” in my body.  My body felt lighter and it was easier to move.  In less than a month my headaches were greatly diminished, and now it is infrequent that I have one.  The pain in my back is much improved also.

Each time I see Dr. Stauber, I feel better afterwards.  His sensitive and encouraging nature is wonderful, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Lynn Cox

Summerland, California

Facial Pain, Headaches, Brain Fog, Balance Issues, Visual Disturbances

In 2017 I lost 7 months of work due to agonizing facial pain, headaches, extreme brain fog, constant dizziness/balance issues, visual disturbances, neck pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances and muscle pain. I was put on several different medications and went to physiotherapy with dry needling for a full year and although it helped with muscle tightness I was still a mess. I couldn’t be in a bright room or outside because the light impacted me so negatively. I had a discectomy and fusion at my C 6-7 approximately 5 years ago so was accustomed to neck pain but nothing of this magnitude and with so many varied symptoms. Due to the dizziness, I couldn’t drive so lost my independence. I saw several specialists and they kept giving me medication which I did not tolerate well.

As a last resort I thought I would try another chiropractor which led me to Dr. Stauber after seeing some testimonials online. Within 5 treatments with Dr. Stauber, I started getting clarity. My facial pain went 95% away. I started having energy again and was able to sleep through the night without waking up every 45 minutes from pain. My visual disturbances went away. In fact today I had an eye test and no longer need the prism lenses I had to get last year due to the poor binocular vision I developed. I can only assume that once my cranial nerves were released by Dr. Stauber’s treatment, my optic nerve healed.

To say Dr. Stauber gave me my life back would be an understatement. I am at work, driving and enjoying life…I am off all medications. Dr. Stauber has given me exercises that I do at home to keep my spine and tissues healthy. He was able to re-align my top two vertebrae when no other practitioner could. Diane

Oro Medonte, Ontario

"The ability of the body to be transformed, is also it's ability to heal."

Dr. Aaron Stauber