Chronic Pain does NOT have to be a lifetime diagnosis

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The Remedy for Chronic Pain Lies Deeper

People have been living with chronic structural issues or debilitating pain over time and it has become part of their daily life – affecting relationships, career and quality of life.  This cycle has to STOP!

The Stauber Procedure is a logical, natural process of changing the structure of the body without invasive or uncomfortable manipulations or adjustments. The goal is to bring your body back to its natural form and function: one that works and moves without pain.

This Procedure is the first treatment to address a deeper level of tissue damage found in critical areas, that can contribute to the years of debilitating suffering and pain.

Our patients are guided through their own healing steps as they navigate this transformational process. A series of steps will work to correct structural damage within a reasonable time frame (6-8 week period). This gives the body a chance to adjust to its new form.
Dr. Stauber’s procedure can help avoid the strain and stress of further doctor’s visits, pills and medication.

Chronic Pain does NOT have to be a lifetime diagnosis.

Patients see results quickly because this area has been highly neglected by other manual treatments.