...thanks to Dr. Karen, after years of pain, and just not feeling well, I feel good again, like I haven't felt in years."

How it works



Through precise manual decompression (no aggressive popping or uncomfortable manipulations), Dr. Palkovits-Stauber resolves chronic pain and injury by decompressing the body’s deep tissue composition and reprogramming poor movement patterns to get patients back to optimal mobility.  This uncovered tissue has been left untreated and neglected for years, yet when treated properly, can bring about monumental shifts in healing.

Treatment program typically last from 6-8 weeks, applied in a non-intrusive, safe environment with first treatment often resulting in immediate improvement.  You can expect to not just feel the results, but you will see your body transform.

With over 2 decades of practice experience, Dr. Karen’s work has spanned many countries including Spain, Bolivia, the United States and Canada.  She looks forward to working with you to achieve your health goals.

Discover for yourself how The Stauber Procedure is different than anything you’ve experienced to date!

"...finding the path to health can be life changing. I'm here to support that journey."

-Dr. Karen Palkovits-Stauber