“To say Dr. Stauber gave me my life back would be an understatement…”


Discover a unique, overlooked, logical solution that targets the ROOT cause.

The Stauber Procedure

Developed by Chiropractor, Aaron Stauber, as an effective solution to treating pain and sickness resulting from trauma, repetitive strain, and poor posture. The Stauber Procedure is a unique solution that targets the root cause of chronic pain, vertigo and migraines.  It is Logical, Effective and Corrective.

Real People, Real Results

“To say Dr. Stauber gave me my life back would be an understatement.”

-Diane, Oro Medonte

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Why People Use The Stauber Procedure?


Migraines, Fullness in head and ears, Posture, Neck Pain, Pregnancy Care, Shoulder Pain, Back pain, Alignment, Sciatica…


Chronic, complicated conditions not responding to conventional or alternative treatments.


No scary cracking or popping of the neck or spine.


Corrective, Effective, Precise



Bad Neck, Back, Hips and Knees


Chronic Pain

Worn out hips, bum knees, stiff necks, shoulders and backs…our bodies are breaking down.  The Stauber Procedure provides an effective solution to reversing damage, getting you feeling better fast.

Meniere’s Symptoms


Vertigo Spectrum

Compression in the upper neck and head are linked to dizziness, ear fullness,tinnitus, and nausea.  Discover the procedure that is changing lives for those with Meniere’s.

Head Injuries and Migraines


Upper Cervical Precision

Commonly overlooked, compression in the head and upper neck can trigger migraines.  This precise and gentle procedure targets a problem that has been neglected far too long, providing incredible pain relief.

Unlike anything you’ve experienced


Under Dr. Stauber’s care, I have been able to reach, in a relatively short amount of time,  a level of stability that I had previously not achieved even after 25 years of adjustments.

-Zak O’Connor 




 “The ability of the body to  transform is also it’s ability to heal.”


-Aaron Stauber, Doctor of Chirorpactic

Happy Patients, Life Changing Results

To say Dr. Stauber gave me my life back would be an understatement. I am at work, driving and enjoying life…I am off all medications. Dr. Stauber has given me exercises that I do at home to keep my spine and tissues healthy. He was able to re-align my top two vertebrae when no other practitioner could.


I began to see Dr. Aaron Stauber in June 2017 while suffering from the severe effects of post concussion syndrome. Within a month the dizziness had stopped. My head is literally a different shape than it was when he started. The difference in bringing my quality of life back to almost normal has been amazing.

-Mike Greenfield


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*Patients using the term, “Dr. Stauber”, refers to “Doctor of Chiropractic.”