Meniere's Symptom Relief


Interference to nerve and blood flow at the top of the neck will commonly cause coordination and balance symptoms.


Discover the Logical Solution patients are using to feel better than they ever thought possible. 

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A Logical Solution

The Stauber Procedure is the first treatment to address a deeper level of tissue damage where the base of the skull meets the top of the spine.  Uncovering and addressing the root cause of so many Meniere’s symptoms, COMPRESSION.

Patients see results quickly because this area has been highly neglected. 


In the United States, there are an estimated 615,000 people with Ménière’s disease, and more than 45,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Hundreds of thousand of patients all over the world are affected by a condition that they have no idea how to fix.  Nausea, vomiting, severe balance and coordination issues, and horrible ringing in the ear(s) are some of Meniere’s symptoms.

When tissue damage occurs to areas in the upper neck and head, the protective coating around nerves, blood vessels, muscles and bones can become damaged.

What typically starts as mild episode of dizziness, can progress into full blown vertigo attacks with severe vomiting. Most patients with Meniere’s become aware of small signals warning them that an attack may soon be coming.

Medications, exercises, and various treatments often lead patients down a path of depression and frustration, all while anxiety, stress, nausea, vomiting and vertigo all seem to get worse.

The Missing Piece

Dr. Stauber has uncovered a deeper level of structural tissue damage that to date, has gone ‘untouched’ by traditional manual therapy methods.  

Through precise, non-invasive (no cracking or uncomfortable “popping”) manual application, Dr. Stauber can resolve symptoms of Meniere’s disease by remodeling the critically damaged tissue around the upper neck and skull. Restoring form and function and stimulating the healing process. 

If you are still struggling with symptoms, or feel there is no answer for your, we invite you to explore The Stauber Procedure.

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