Keeping secrets is never a good thing.  It has taken me 15 years to understand how and why the chiropractic profession has kept it secret from the public. How?  At any one point, a measly 6%-10% of the population uses chiropractic services.  There is no denying how well it works for headaches, neck and back pain, but why is it’s usage so low? The profession has never given people a real chance to discover for themselves how incredibly life changing it can be. We’ve never said, “see what a year of really good spinal feels like and don’t worry about the cost.”   That may seem insane, but I’ll tell you what, you would have a lot of busy chiropractors.  

I have been humbled by the healing power of the body.  I have witnessed patients that are ready to end their lives, chronic pain suffers that have become so depressed because they’ll lost all hope, consistently heal through precise care.   The profession has kept it a secret by making it so not affordable.   An average family of 4 can’t afford $200/month for care.  We expect our patients to pay for and get the care we give to our own children and families.  Getting spinal care 2-4 times a month is a luxury to chiropractic families.   Wouldn’t it be nice to get all the care you really needed and wanted?  Who dictates how much you need?  The insurance companies and your wallet. Neither of which are qualified to do so.  Care must affordable, accessible and delivered with the highest standards.  Then you will see the percentage of its’ use doubled and tripled.  

Why have we kept it a secret?  Fear.  We, or rather, I, for one, have not trusted in the law of abundance.  To give something freely (or very afford-ably), and trust that it will come back to you many times over.  It’s no easy task in today’s world of “go out and get your own”.  We tell our children to share, it’s time for us to do the same. We choose to the people with honesty, integrity and the highest of standards.  

Disclaimer:  This post is the opinion of Dr. Aaron Stauber and does not in any way reflect that of the profession or it’s governing bodies.