5 year year Jack’s story is so common, always sick with ear infections, used a puffer and on antibiotics all the time.  If this sounds like your child, bring them for the care they deserve. A healthy child is a much happier one!

Emma’s just five.  She’s celiac but constantly had stomach aches, neck pain, digestive issues, sleeping problems and her mood was great affected.  Listen to her story.  

How much of your child’s life would you like them to have a healthy back and spine? Most of us would answer all of it. We typically wait until they are hurt before we do anything; Or we just don’t think it’s important enough. Your children watch you move, sit, run, and stand.  They mimic your posture.  They play on your tablets and phones way too much.  The ability for their brain to develop ideally comes from the movement of their spine. The tumbles, falls, bangs on the head, and accidents that we chalk up to growing pains can cause the spine to get stuck and stop moving properly. Setting them up for bigger problems down the line. After the pain goes away, poor joint mechanics remain.  The next time your child hurts themselves, keep a close eye on them. When those hard forces of impact meet your child’s body, the forces are absorbed into it.  Most impacts work themselves out, but some don’t.  Have your child’s spine checked today to ensure a solid foundation for a healthy future.  Gentle, non invasive care your kids will love you for. Curious?  Come in for a free consult to see for yourself.  Your child will thank you.