Chronic Pain Dilemma

Modern day living is ruining our bodies. Computer work, tablets and texting have all contributed to the searing rates of pain and suffering experienced by the population. Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, migraines, and muscle tension are the result of overloaded bodies that are stressed to the max. More pain killers, opiate and narcotic drugs are being prescribed and purchased now more than ever before. The sad reality is that our modern day living habits and stress are going to continue to get worse. We have become so accustomed to simply reaching for pain killers and opting for surgery without giving a second thought to the damaging short and long term effects on our bodies. We believe there’s a better way.

Our Story

During the course of his practice career, Dr. Stauber found the treatments he was providing for patients, worked incredibly well, however, they didn’t quite provide the long term solutions patients needed and he sought to deliver.  He began to notice consistent patterns on why, where and how patients were developing pain and dysfunction in their bodies. He saw how repetitive computer use and devices contributed to pain conditions,  but most importantly, he began to understand how gravity lead to the relentless chronic and degenerative conditions such as neck, back and shoulder pain. 

Heading to out space

Dr. Stauber knew the only way to beat gravity was to head to space.  Not a plausible solution, for now anyway. He studied countless techniques and exercises.  He took the very best concepts and figured out a new system.  He became intrigued with how the body’s natural levers and fulcrums worked for movement and pain development and used these for healing effects on the body. 

4 Zones of pain

Dr. Stauber determined four very specific zones that shared a common AXIS in the body. This AXIS bisected each and every one of these zones. When one of the four zones deviated too far from this AXIS, 3 things would happen: 1. PAIN in any zone of the body 2. STIFFNESS  in the body 3. Improper movement. He was then able to predict, with precision, exactly where and how the Zone Faults would show up as pain and dysfunction in the body.

The Pain Solution

With his ability to detect these Zone Faults,  and using gravity to his advantage, he was able to deduce a solution that targeted each “Zone Fault”.  Combining AXIS treatment and AXIS training lead to extraordinary results. People that had lived with painful and debilitating neck, back and pelvic conditions were now able to experience life in a whole new way, conquering pain and moving with FREEDOM. 

Transforming the industry

When less than 10% of the population uses a treatment the provides life changing results, natural pain relief, keeps people off the surgery table, and provides alternatives to the harmful effects of drugs, something is seriously wrong.  The financial ability for the average person and their family to get quality, consistent spinal care is unattainable.  People simply can’t afford it. He’s developed a system that now provides quality care at a cost that the average person and their family can afford.  Think it could help you?  The only way to know is to give it a shot!