A new procedure has recently been developed by Dr. Aaron Stauber to alleviate concussion symptoms and help correct deep tissue trauma that occurs from head trauma and accidents. The new method is rapidly gaining in approval and popularity, as it focuses on an issue that has constantly gone unchecked and neglected.

Known as The Stauber Procedure, this method focuses on precise, gentle movements that are achieved through manual artistry. No cracking, popping or uncomfortable manipulations are needed or employed.

Because it is based on highly specific movements that target the gradual and gentle realignment of the upper cervical spine and it’s tissue, The Stauber Procedure is never hurried or rushed. Patients are able to relax, and the sessions will often last for as long as an hour.

You’ll get your money’s worth, and you will never be hurried or rushed out.

Available in Barrie for the treatment of concussion symptoms and the various consequences that are often experienced along with them – such as headaches, brain fog, chronic pain and swelling – The Stauber Procedure is helping people feel better than they ever imagined possible.

What do our Patients Say?

Patients of The Stauber Procedure have offered many positive results for this non-invasive treatment.

After a few treatments at the Barrie location, many patients report improvement in their symptoms. They begin to feel less pain and experience fewer headaches, reduced ear pain/soreness, an improved range of motion.

If you are still struggling with symptoms, or feel there is no answer for you, we invite you to explore The Stauber Procedure.